Re-development is the process of demolishing old buildings and reconstructing new well-planned and durable structures, in their place. Redevelopment revives spaces and revitalizes communities. Redevelopment can give new life to a deteriorating building, an enviable commercial complex or an industrial area that is no longer in operation. The Gangar Group redevelops old residential buildings and commercial & industrial complexes too. Across the world, redevelopment enhances and expands local businesses, improves public infrastructure systems and facilities. Redevelopment also helps encourage new housing and businesses, to relocate within newly developed areas. Most importantly it boosts property values.

The various benefits of redevelopment comprise :

  • Members get benefit in terms of funds and larger flats. The members do not have to bear any expenses of rebuilding.
  • Redevelopment boosts property prices. Members benefit from increased saleable value of their flats.
  • New flats are thoughtfully designed and make intelligent use of light, air and space.
  • Members get latest amenities, more open spaces and latest recreational facilities such as Ample Car Parking, Elevators, Health Club and Gymnasium.
  • Their quality of life is enhanced.
  • Redevelopment gives a new lease of life to buildings; because such well-constructed structures require, no major repairs, for long periods of time.
  • New buildings benefit from modern building technology and can withstand, challenging climatic and geographical conditions.
  • Housing societies get a substantial corpus of funds, for their future needs.
  • General benefits accrue in terms of separate Society Office and common toilets for servants.
  • Safety and security features, of redeveloped buildings consists of incorporation of Seismic Design, Stand-by Generator, Intercom based Security Systems and latest Fire Fighting Systems.
  • A Redevelopment Project, by the trusted Gangar Group is thus, a value added winning proposition.
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